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If you want to keep water from collecting around your home’s foundation, one way to do so is to install drain tile. Drain tile is essentially a system of pipes that’s buried under the ground. It is designed to redirect groundwater so that it doesn’t all accumulate in one area. Not only does it reduce hydrostatic pressure against a home’s foundation, but it also reduces the risk of flooding, mold growth, and more.

Are you interested in learning more about drain tile and how it can benefit your home? This drain tile installation company in Glenview, Illinois is going to explain below.

Interior Drain Tile Installation

We’re going to begin by discussing interior drain tile installation. This involves installing the drain tile underneath the basement at its perimeters.

First, your drain tile installation company in Glenview, Illinois will break up the concrete on the edges of the basement floor. An area of between 12 and 18 inches will be broken around the entirety of the basement. This will provide a space into which the drain tile piping can be laid.

Once this is done, a trench is dug in the soil below. This generally has a width of 8 inches and a depth of more than 10 inches.

A sump basin is incorporated into the trench as well. The trench slopes down from this basin so that water collected in the basin can flow away from it naturally. Within both the basin and the trench, the installer will add gravel and stone. This provides structure to each and ensures that it holds up over the years.

After the stone has been placed, the drain tile itself is put in place. It is then covered with additional stone, packing it in place.

Following this, a drainage mat is put over the drain tile and stone. Fresh cement is then poured over the mat, where it eventually dries.

Exterior Drain Tile Installation

Exterior drain tile installation begins with a call to J.U.L.I.E. This is an organization that informs contractors of the locations of underground power lines. They’ll provide an outline of existing power lines to ensure that they aren’t dug into during the drain tile installation process.

Once the existing power lines have been located, your drain tile installation company in Glenview, Illinois will map out the area where the trenches can be dug. After that, a trench will be dug by hand. This trench will slope down toward the basement’s sump pit, ensuring that groundwater moves toward it in as easy a manner as possible.

Once the trench has been dug, stone will be placed at its bottom. This will serve as a foundation for the drain tile, which will also have stone placed on top of it to secure it in one spot.

A mat will then be applied to the area above the drain tile. This is used to regulate waterflow and ensure that the drain tile doesn’t evacuate too much water at once.

After the mat is in place, additional stone is placed on top of it. This stone should reach the surface of the earth, leaving just a little space for additional soil. Soil is then put on top of the stone, where it is smoothed out and left to settle. Over time, grass will grow in the spot where the trench was dug.

If you have any questions about the interior or exterior drain tile installation processes that were not addressed above, do not hesitate to contact your local drain tile installation company in Glenview, Illinois.

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