Cross Drill Injection

Cross Drill Injection

At ULB-DRY Waterproofing, we deal with a lot of different causes of leaks. Many leaks are caused by cracks and penetration of building materials. Something we come across quite often is called a “dirty crack.” There are two different types of dirty cracks: one type was a surface repair, but it was not injected with sealant. The second type was injected with sealant, but the injection has failed. To deal with the second type of crack, our experts use a method called “cross drill injection” to permanently repair the crack.

The Cross Drill Injection Process

We prefer our clients to understand everything about what we do to repair their property. Here is a basic overview of the cross drill injection process and what you can expect when you call ULB-DRY Waterproofing.

  • Series of 3/8th-inch holes are drilled approx. 4″ to 6″ off the crack.
  • The holes are angled inwards in an attempt to intersect the void at the halfway point.
  • Small brass packers completed with a zerk end are secured into each hole.
  • The void is flushed with clean, cool water.
  • Using a high-pressure pump, we inject a one-part urethane grout into the void.
  • Injection continues until either the material is seen oozing out of the void or the backpressure is too great to continue.
  • Once any material that may have oozed out of the void has had a chance to cure it will be scraped off and removed.
  • The entire crack will be coated with a flexible two-part epoxy mastic.
  • Your crack is repaired completely like it was never there!

If you have questions about the cross drill injection process, it is recommended that you talk to the waterproofing experts at ULB-DRY Waterproofing.

For more information about cross drill injection, contact ULB-DRY Waterproofing. Call 708-978-7558 for your 100% no-obligation free estimate!