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Crawl spaces serve all sorts of purposes. Not only do they provide a space to access utilities, but they also offer structural support, flood protection, and more. Unfortunately, if left unattended, they can also lead to a wide range of basement moisture issues.

This is why, if your home has a crawl space, you’ll want to be mindful of its condition following heavy rainstorms. Are you wondering what can happen if you fail to repair your crawl space following a flood? This basement waterproofing company in Deerfield, Illinois is going to explain below.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Repair Your Crawl Space?

Failing to repair your crawl space can result in a variety of problems. Some of the most prominent of these problems include:

Mold Growth

First and foremost, a flooded crawl space can lead to mold growth. The longer this moisture sits, the more mold spores it attracts. This results in progressively worse mold growth, which can eventually make your home a dangerous place to be.

That said, if you want to deter mold growth in your basement, you’ll need to repair your crawl space as soon as it takes on water. The quicker you are in repairing a flooded crawl space, the less mold you’ll have to contend with.

Extreme Structural Damage

The presence of moisture following a flood can weaken a structure over time, which can lead to cracks forming in your crawl space. Every time a crack forms in a crawl space, it loses a little more of its strength. The more severe the cracks grow, the weaker the crawl space becomes, and the weaker the home becomes altogether. Rest assured, if you don’t repair cracks as they arise, they will grow and spread.

Eventually, the problem will become so severe that your home may be at risk of falling in on itself. At that point, you’ll have to take drastic measures just to save it.

It’s recommended that you repair your crawl space as soon as any flooding occurs. Not only will you maintain the strength of your crawl space, but it will also help you save money in the long run.

Continued Flooding

If your crawl space floods and you do nothing about it, your crawl space will most likely flood again. Until you reach out to a basement waterproofing company in Deerfield, Illinois that can identify the source of the flooding and implement the necessary solutions, your crawl space will remain susceptible.

Signs That Your Crawl Space May Have a Moisture Issue

There are several signs that your crawl space may have a moisture issue. If you notice one or more of these, you should strongly consider contacting a professional basement waterproofing company in Deerfield, Illinois for an inspection.

Musty smells? That’s a common sign. High indoor humidity? Again, that’s a common sign. Maybe your floor is warped or rotting? That could very well be a result of a water damaged crawl space. Perhaps your foundation is incurring more cracks than normal? Again, this could be a sign of a damaged crawl space.

The longer you allow these signs to go unassessed, the worse the damage will grow. With that said, it’s better to tend to them sooner rather than later.

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