Foundation crack repair at a house in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Home foundations are built to thrive through all types of wear and tear. However, they’re far from infallible. They will deteriorate over time, and at some point, they will take on cracks. As such, foundation crack repair will eventually become necessary.

Is your home’s foundation cracked? Are you interested in learning more about foundation crack repair in Arlington Heights, Illinois? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to explain everything you need to know.

What Exactly Causes Foundation Cracks?

Now, you might be wondering: what exactly causes foundation cracks? It’s generally caused by a combination of a few factors, which include the following:

Hydrostatic Pressure

The most common cause of foundation cracking is, by far, hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that builds up on the outside of a basement wall, and it is caused by the water that seeps down into the soil.

This water accumulates against the home’s foundation and applies pressure, which eventually results in cracking. The more water you allow to accumulate around your home, the more cracks your foundation will incur. As such, one of the key facets of basement waterproofing is to reduce hydrostatic pressure.

The Shifting of Soil

Another factor that can lead to foundation cracks is soil shifting. Soil shifts naturally over time. When it does so, it applies pressure against home foundations, causing them to eventually buckle and crack.

There’s little you can do to prevent the soil around your home from shifting — it’s inevitable. However, you can reduce the severity of this shifting by properly preparing it prior to building your home. An experienced contractor will know how to prepare the area accordingly.

A Poorly Laid Foundation

The manner in which a foundation is laid is vital to its longevity. If it’s laid poorly, it will almost certainly take on foundation cracks on a regular basis. This is why, when building your home, it’s important to hire reputable builders. You may want to think about spending a little more money upfront so that you don’t have to spend more money over the years in the form of repairs.

Why Fix Your Foundation Cracks?

Sure, foundation cracks don’t look great, but is that the only reason to have them fixed? Do they cause other complications? Yes! Those complications are as follows:

Foundation Cracks Lead to Flooding

When a crack forms in a foundation, it provides an avenue for water to flow through. As such, every time heavy rain falls, water is going to seep through the cracks in your foundation, which can lead to flooding in extreme cases.

Foundation Cracks Reduce the Structural Integrity of a Foundation

This might not come as a surprise, but when a crack forms in a foundation, it reduces that foundation’s structural integrity. No, one or two minor cracks aren’t going to send a foundation tumbling down. However, if you choose not to repair them, they will result in more cracks, which can grow quite large. Eventually, this can result in the complete destruction of your foundation.

Foundation Cracks Can Lead to Mold Growth

One last thing to worry about in relation to foundation cracks is mold growth. When water seeps through a foundation crack, it comes to rest on the basement floor. Then, because mold spores are attracted to water, they flock to the water that’s inside. Over time, this can result in mold buildup.

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