Cement foundation crack at a house in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Over time, as they’re exposed to more and more wear and tear, foundations start to develop cracks. These cracks can vary from mild to extreme, and they can have a serious impact on the foundation as well as the basement. As a result, at some point, foundation cracks will need to be repaired.

Are you interested in learning more about foundation crack repair and basement waterproofing in Buffalo Grove? Then read below. We’re going to discuss everything you should know.

Common Causes of Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks can be caused by a number of different factors. We’ll review the most prominent factors below:

Water Pressure

The most common cause of foundation cracks is water pressure. As water seeps down into the ground, it rests against the outside of a home’s foundation. Then, over time, it applies pressure to the foundation, causing it to deteriorate and eventually form cracks.

This phenomenon is known as hydrostatic pressure. Want to reduce the number of foundation cracks that form in your home? The key is to keep hydrostatic pressure to a minimum, which can be done through a number of different waterproofing entities.

Soil Shifting

As time passes, soil shifts. There are many reasons for this, and almost all of them are unavoidable. As such, unfortunately, soil shifting is just something that you have to deal with.

It’s important to note here that improperly compacting your soil when building your home can make the situation much worse. When it’s time to build your home, it’s important that you find an experienced and reputable construction crew to handle the job.

A Poorly Established Foundation

In some cases, the foundation itself is the issue. If the construction crew laid the foundation in an improper way, there’s a chance that it could deteriorate relatively quickly. This deterioration, of course, includes cracking.

Again, when building your home, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a high-quality construction company. Choosing the wrong company could lead to issues with your foundation for the rest of its existence.

The Benefits of Foundation Crack Repair

Now that we’ve discussed the most common causes of foundation cracks, we’re going to discuss the benefits of repairing these cracks. The most prominent benefits include the following:

Reduced Risk of Flooding

As you might expect, foundation cracks provide a path for groundwater to freely flow through. In severe cases, foundation cracks can even allow this groundwater to flood your basement. As such, by repairing foundation cracks, you can significantly reduce the risk of flooding in your home.

Reduced Mold Growth

Where water goes, mold soon follows. Therefore, by preventing water from making its way through the cracks in your basement wall, you can eliminate the threat of mold growing as a result.

Fewer Insects

It’s not just groundwater that can make its way through foundation cracks. Insects can crawl through them as well. Patch those foundation cracks, and the insects will become fewer and fewer.

Increased Structural Integrity

Every time a foundation forms a new crack, it loses a little bit of strength. Over time, a foundation’s structural integrity can become so compromised by these cracks that it actually starts to cave in on itself. By repairing foundation cracks in a timely manner, you halt this deterioration, allowing for increased structural integrity.

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