Foundation crack at a house in Glencoe, Illionis

As time passes, deterioration occurs. This is particularly true when it comes to a home’s foundation. In fact, regardless of what you do, your foundation will eventually take on foundation cracks.

Unfortunately, these cracks can lead to a number of problems — from increased water seepage, to reduced structural integrity, and more. This is why it’s so important to have foundation cracks repaired in a timely manner.

Wondering what foundation crack repair entails for your Glencoe home? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to provide you with all of the necessary information below.

Benefits of Foundation Crack Repair

There are a number of benefits to foundation crack repair. We’ll review the most prominent of these benefits below.

Reduced Water Seepage

Perhaps the biggest benefit of foundation crack repair is reduced water seepage. After all, if you seal up a crack in your foundation, you take away an avenue where water could potentially flow through.

At the very least, this will help you avoid mold and musty smells. At best, it will prevent flooding, which protects your basement and the items contained within it.

Improved Insulation

Not only can water seep through foundation cracks, but heat and cold can as well. Therefore, by repairing existing cracks, you are effectively improving the insulation of your home.

This won’t make as big a difference as installing actual insulation, but its effect will be noticeable, particularly in the lack of drafts that you feel. You might even notice a downtick on your energy bills.

Increased Structural Integrity

Every time a new foundation crack forms, the home loses a bit of its structural integrity. If left unrepaired, foundation cracks can actually cause a foundation to come crashing down on itself (which is extremely expensive to repair).

This is why it’s so important to repair foundation cracks sooner rather than later. The health of your entire house rests on it.

What Causes Foundation Cracks?

There are a number of reasons why foundation cracks might form. Generally speaking, foundation cracks are caused by one of the following.

Hydrostatic Pressure

The most common cause of foundation cracks is, without a doubt, hydrostatic pressure. This is the type of pressure caused by water pushing against a surface. The force of gravity on the water places pressure against the surface, eventually causing it to crack.

The more water there is around the base of a home, the more foundation cracks that home will take on. As such, the goal of basement waterproofing is to keep hydrostatic pressure to a minimum.

Shifting Soil

Another common cause of foundation cracks is shifting soil. Soil shifts over time for both organic and inorganic reasons. As such, even the most well-positioned home is not totally safe from its effects in the long run.

An Improperly Established Foundation

In some cases, the foundation itself could be the problem. If a foundation is not laid in the correct manner, it can incur cracks long before its time. Improperly established foundations tend to take on more cracks as well, making them especially prone to deterioration.

Therefore, when building your home, it’s important that you make sure you’ve hired a reputable construction company. Choosing the wrong construction company could have repercussions for years to come.

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