Home foundations are built to last. That said, they’re far from indestructible. In fact, over time, you might notice a variety of cracks forming in your home’s foundation. While this is fairly common, it does need to be addressed. Failure to fix foundation cracks in a timely manner can have dire consequences.

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Causes of Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks can spring about for a variety of reasons. However, the most common of these reasons include the following.

Water Pressure

Whenever it rains, water seeps down into the ground. From there, it moves through the soil, eventually arriving at the bases of foundations. Once it’s arrived, it applies pressure, pushing up against the exteriors of the foundations over prolonged periods of time.

The result of this? Slow deterioration that eventually leads to cracking. In short, home foundations feel the impact of hydrostatic pressure, and it eventually causes them to crack.

Soil Shifting

Over time, soil shifts. This is natural and can’t be avoided. Unfortunately, it sometimes has negative consequences — one of which is the deterioration and cracking of home foundations.

Improper Foundation Installation

In rare cases, foundations are set incorrectly. When a foundation is set incorrectly, it runs a higher risk of cracking. As such, if you’re building a home from scratch, it’s important to make sure that the construction crew understands what it’s doing.

Benefits of Foundation Crack Repair

There are many benefits of foundation crack repair. The most prominent of these benefits include the following.

Prevent Flooding

If you want to keep groundwater from enter your basement, you’ll want to have foundation cracks fixed in a timely manner. These cracks grow larger over time, making basements progressively more vulnerable to heavy rain and snowfall. Fix the cracks, and the groundwater will have no way of seeping into your basement.

Prevent Mold Growth

Where water goes, mold follows. As such, if water is leaking through the cracks in your foundation, mold is eventually going to grow in your basement.

Want to prevent mold growth at all costs? Patching up those foundation cracks is a vital component in doing so.

Prevent Structural Deterioration

Water leakage isn’t the only problem associated with foundation cracks. Structural deterioration is another problem to worry about.

The more cracks that form in a foundation, the weaker it becomes. Over time, a foundation can grow so weak that it collapses in on itself. If this were to happen to your foundation, you would need to replace it entirely. This is not a cost you want to incur.

The more affordable option is to patch up those foundation cracks as they form. If you get to them early, you can maintain the strength of your foundation over decades and decades.

Can You Reduce the Risk of Foundation Cracks?

While foundation cracks are inevitable, their frequency can be reduced. How? By reducing the amount of water that’s able to come into contact with a foundation. Or, in other words, by setting up a proper drainage system around your home.

A proper drainage system will pull water away from the base of your home, emptying it tens or hundreds of feet away instead. There are a number of different entities that contribute to a high-functioning home drainage system, including sump pumps, drain tiles, downspout extensions, and more. For more information, give us a call!

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