One of the keys to maintaining a habitable basement is establishing a quality drainage system in and around your home. The more water you can keep away from the base of your house, the greater chance your basement has at staying dry.

The question you might have now is: how do you improve a home’s drainage system? There are a number of entities that you can install and processes that you can carry out, all of which can be done by a Chicago basement waterproofing company. You can read about all of them below.

Downspout Extensions

One of the keys to improving your home’s drainage system is to install downspout extensions. Downspout extensions are essentially like funnels that are placed on the ends of downspouts. They are effective in that they add some length to the downspouts, ensuring that they empty water further away from the bases of their corresponding homes than what they would typically.

Let’s say, for example, that a downspout generally empties water a foot away from a home’s foundation. By adding a downspout extension, you could get that same water to empty 5 feet away from the home’s foundation.

Because the water is being emptied a great distance away from the home’s foundation, it poses very little risk to it. It doesn’t come into contact with the foundation, and so it doesn’t cause the foundation to deteriorate prematurely.

Drain Tile

Another key to improving a home’s drainage system is installing drain tile. Drain tile catches water that comes in close contact with a home’s foundation. Once the water has been caught, it is filtered down and away from the home. As far as basement waterproofing goes, drain tile is one of the key entities to utilize.

You can install drain tile on both the interior and exterior of your basement. While one option will generally suffice, utilizing both will optimize your drainage capabilities, giving your basement the best chance possible at remaining dry.

Nowadays, drain tiles are connected to a sump pump (unless the house is built on a hill with big grading elevations). A sump pump is a device that is used to pump out water after it starts to creep into a basement. This, combined with the drain tile, is very effective in combating basement flooding and water seepage.


In addition to installing drainage entities on your property, you should also consider grading your property itself. Grading a property essentially includes shaping it so that groundwater travels away from the home as opposed to towards the home. 

There are a number of benefits to grading your property. First and foremost, it keeps water away from your home’s foundation. In doing so, it prevents basement flooding and foundational deterioration. As a result, it can end up saving you substantial amounts of money over time.

Grading a yard is a major project, and it is best carried out by a team of professional waterproofers and landscapers. Not only do professionals have experience in grading yards, but they also have the tools and resources needed to facilitate the project. Are you interested in grading your property? Give us a call today!

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