Over time, as they take on wear and tear, foundations develop cracks. Unfortunately, these cracks create two problems: 1. They expose basements to water, and 2. They reduce the strength of the foundation at large.

Fortunately, these cracks can be fairly easily repaired. All you need to do is call up a basement waterproofing company in Arlington Heights. Interested in learning more about how basement waterproofing companies fix foundation cracks? This article has you covered.

Interior Crack Repair

First, we’re going to get into interior crack repair. While similar to exterior crack repair, it has a few key differences.

Interior crack repair begins with the cleaning of the area in and around the crack. During this step, dirt and other residue are wiped away with a rag and a variety of tools.

After the crack has been cleaned, a plastic port is placed over it. This port is stuck to the wall with an epoxy mastic, then allowed to dry to ensure that it can’t move.

Next, a urethane resin is injected into the crack. In most cases, the injection will start at the lowest point of the crack, traveling upward. Once it reaches the top of the installed port, the injection will cease.

After the crack has been filled with resin, an additional port will be applied at the top of the crack. This will conclude the repair, and your foundation will be good to go.

Exterior Crack Repair

Exterior crack repair begins with a hole being dug into the foot of the foundation. This hole is dug so that the crack can be exposed. Once exposed, it will be cleaned out and readied for repair.

Next, Bento-Seal will be applied over the majority of the crack, leaving the top 6 inches or so bare. This bare portion is then coated with a polyurethane seal, covering the crack in its entirety.

To strengthen the seal, visqueen is added.

Now, the hole will need to be filled. To fill the hole, the waterproofing specialist will use a bentonite powder as well as a bentonite board. These will be strategically placed to allow for an even surface. Then, any soil that was dug out will be shoveled back in.

Generally, it will take a few days for the soil to settle. However, once it does, the repair will be complete.

The Benefits of Foundation Crack Repair

There are two primary benefits to foundation crack repair: water protection and foundation reinforcement. We’ll get into the specifics of each below.

Water Protection

Water can make its way into basements through a number of different channels. However, the most common channel is through foundation cracks. Foundation cracks allow groundwater to seep into basements slowly, resulting in mold buildup (at best) and full-on flooding (at worst).

Therefore, by sealing up foundation cracks, you can greatly reduce the inward flow of moisture. This helps not only to stop flooding, but to reduce mold growth as well.

Foundational Reinforcement

In order for a home to be structurally sound, its foundation must be strong. Unfortunately, as cracks form in a foundation, that foundation becomes weaker and weaker.

This is where foundation crack repair comes in. By repairing the cracks in a foundation, you can reinforce its structure, helping to bring it back to its maximum strength. Conversely, failure to repair foundation cracks can cause a foundation to come crumbling down long before its time.

Utilize a Foundation Crack Repair and Basement Waterproofing Company in Arlington Heights

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