Over time, as your home’s foundation takes on more wear and tear, it will eventually start to develop cracks. At some point, when these cracks reach a certain level of severity, it’s recommended that you have them professionally repaired. Failure to repair foundation cracks in a timely manner will not only lead to moisture flowing into your basement, it will also lead to the structural instability of your home.

What you’re probably wondering is, “when is the right time to repair foundation cracks?” Fortunately, we’re here to tell you. Here is how to know if you require foundation crack repair in Naperville, Illinois.

The Cracks in Your Foundation are Large

crack-in-home-foundationYou may be under the assumption that all basement wall cracks are a sign of bad things to come. The fact of the matter is that they’re not. Sometimes, small cracks can appear in tandem with the natural settling of the house.

What you need to keep an eye out for, however, are large — and particularly, wide — cracks. If a crack has expanded to over ½ an inch thick, something should be done about it. The longer you let this crack sit untouched, the more damage that could potentially be done to your foundation.

Your Floors are Uneven

A sure sign that you require foundation crack repair is if your floors are uneven. Uneven floors come about because the foundation below them is starting to crumble.

Other signs you should look out for are loose tiles, separating floorboards, and hollow sounds. If your floor bellows out a cavernous boom every time you step on it, there is likely something wrong with the foundation beneath it.

The Caulking in Your Home is Cracking

Another way to know if your foundation is in trouble is if the caulking on your appliances is cracking. When caulk cracks, it typically does so because the ground below it is shifting.

Pay special attention to your sinks, bathtubs, and other water appliances. If caulk is cracked, don’t just fill it in and move on with your life. It’s much safer to call in a waterproofing company to repair the existing cracks in your foundation.

Your Windows and Doors Stick When Being Opened

Do your doors tend to drag roughly across the floor whenever they’re being opened or closed? If so, your foundation is probably the reason. Whereas the bottoms of your doors may have initially been installed parallel to the ground, the settling of your foundation has caused them to shift, resulting in friction when you try to use them.

If your doors are sticking in this manner, don’t just install a new door. It’s wise to have any existing foundation cracks repaired as well.

Your Walls are Sagging

One final sign that you require foundation crack repair is if your walls are drooping, sagging, and caving. Typically, when your walls have reached this point, your home is in dire straits. In fact, in many cases, foundation crack repair might not be enough to preserve your foundation.

If your walls are sagging and caving, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to replace your foundation entirely. This is a huge projection that is both expensive and time-consuming.

Looking for Professional Foundation Crack Repair in Naperville?

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