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Foundation Crack Repair Company in Deerfield, Illinois

One of the biggest obstacles in keeping a basement dry is ensuring that groundwater doesn’t pass through cracks in the home’s foundation. To keep groundwater from passing through these cracks, you’ll want to monitor them and have them repaired when it becomes necessary.

That said, not all foundation cracks require immediate repair. That begs the question: how can you determine whether your foundation cracks require professional attention? This foundation crack repair company in Deerfield, Illinois is going to review five of the most common signs below.

1. Are There Diagonal Cracks Above Your Doorways?

When a foundation cracks, it shifts. This puts pressure on other components within the home, often resulting in alternative signs of damage. One of the most prominent of these signs is diagonal cracks above doorways. If you see cracks in your drywall that extend from the top corners of your doorways, there’s a good chance that your foundation has incurred cracks.

Once you’ve detected these types of drywall cracks, you should go around your home and visually inspect its foundation. Your foundation crack repair company in Deerfield, Illinois will suggest keeping an eye out for any cracks that may exist, then assessing them further to determine whether they need attention. We’ll cover more information about that below.

2. Are Your Doors Sticking?

Another sign that you may need foundation crack repair services is that your doors are sticking. They could be dragging against the floor, or possibly jutting up against their doorways when being opened or closed. This typically occurs due to shifting in the home’s foundation, which often indicates foundational cracking. Again, this should prompt a closer look at your foundation. If cracks are detected, you should assess them further to determine whether they require repair.

3. Are The Cracks Over ¼ an Inch in Width?

Not all foundation cracks are an immediate cause for concern. In fact, some minor ones can exist for years without requiring a repair. When determining whether a crack requires repair, one of the things you must focus on is its size. If it exceeds ¼ an inch in width, it needs to be repaired.

If you fail to repair a crack of this width, it will not only grow bigger, but it could also allow a substantial amount of groundwater to seep through. This is a problem that can be avoided by scheduling regular inspections with a foundation crack repair company in Deerfield, Illinois

4. Is There Water Coming Through the Crack?

Simply put: if a foundation crack is allowing water to come into the basement, it needs to be repaired. The entry of water not only indicates that the crack goes straight through the foundation, but it also leaves your basement vulnerable to further water damage in the future.

5. Are Your Basement Walls Bowing?

The final sign we’re going to discuss is that your basement walls are bowing. In other words, they’re starting to lean in toward the center of the basement.

This is an extreme situation that can occur when foundation cracks have existed for a long period of time. Rest assured, if you don’t fix those cracks, the problem will grow worse. Eventually, the basement will literally cave in on itself. This will not only cost you thousands of dollars to repair, but it can also be potentially life-threatening.

Looking for a Foundation Crack Repair Company in Deerfield, Illinois?

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