Foundation crack repair company in Arlington Heights Illinois

When it comes to a home’s foundation, it’s not about if cracks will form — it’s about when. Foundation cracks are a reality that every Arlington Heights homeowner will have to deal with. They often appear gradually over the years, and they can cause several problems for your home and basement if they are not addressed.

Are you interested in learning why it’s important to have your foundation cracks repaired? This foundation crack repair company in Arlington Heights, Illinois is going to explain below.

What Happens When You Don’t Repair Foundation Cracks?

When you don’t repair the cracks in your foundation, there are several things that can happen. These include the following:

Your Foundation Loses Strength

Most importantly, if you don’t repair the cracks in your foundation, it will lose strength. The more cracks that it incurs over the years, the weaker it will become. At some point, it could become so weak that it falls in on itself. This would require a substantial amount of money to fix.

By repairing cracks as they form, however, you can maintain your foundation’s strength. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about expensive repairs or major incidents.

Your Basement Becomes Subject to Groundwater

Every time a cracks forms in a foundation, it provides another passageway through which groundwater can travel. Where does this groundwater travel to? The other side of the foundation which, in the case of many homes, is the basement.

The more cracks your foundation incurs, the more water your basement is going to take on. In fact, in severe cases, foundation cracks can lead to full-on flooding. That is why it’s imperative to have them patched up by your foundation crack repair company in Arlington Heights, Illinois as soon as possible.

Your Basement Experiences Mold Growth

Have you ever noticed that basements are particularly prone to mold growth? Ever wonder why this is? It’s due to water in the basement. See, mold spores are attracted to moisture. Therefore, if there’s water leaking into your basement, you’re going to experience mold growth sooner rather than later.

How does water get into a basement? Through foundation cracks! Therefore, if you patch up your foundation cracks, you’ll more than likely keep mold away from your basement as well.

Common Causes of Foundational Cracking

We’ve covered the consequences of failing to repair foundation cracks. Now, let’s talk about why foundation cracks form in the first place. The most common reasons include the following:

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is pressure that water applies against a solid surface. The more water that piles up against this surface, the more hydrostatic pressure there will be.

Foundations are generally exposed to substantial amounts of hydrostatic pressure. Groundwater collects against the foundation, placing pressure against it and causing it to crack over time.

If you want to reduce the risk of foundational cracking, you’ll need to reduce hydrostatic pressure around your home. An easy way to do that is by hiring your local foundation crack repair company in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

An Incorrectly Established Foundation

Some foundations incur cracks simply because they were constructed in an incorrect manner. They weren’t laid properly and therefore are more susceptible to cracks than are other foundations. That is why, when building a home, you need to be sure to choose a reputable builder.

Shifting Soil

Your foundation exists under the soil. Soil is always shifting. At some point, it is inevitable that it will move your foundation along with it. No, the entirety of your house isn’t going to move. Instead, your foundation will simply crack.

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent this from happening. It will occur at some point, and you will have to deal with it by contacting a foundation crack repair company in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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