Yard grading by a basement waterproofing company in Aurora Illinois

There are many different things homeowners can do to help keep water out of the basement. However, in situations in which a house is at the bottom of a hill, yard grading is often the best solution.

Are you wondering whether your property could benefit from yard grading? If so, you’ve come to the right place — this basement waterproofing company in Aurora, Illinois is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

What Is Yard Grading?

Yard grading is the process of moving soil as a means of reshaping dips, valleys, and contours. It can turn a hilly yard into a flat yard and enables you to shape your property to your liking.

In terms of basement waterproofing, yard grading can be hugely impactful. Let’s say that your home is built at the bottom of a hill. Because of this, substantial amounts of groundwater tend to flow toward your foundation. This results in expedited foundational cracking, and, therefore, a higher risk of your basement taking on water. In short, for basement waterproofing purposes, having a home at the bottom of a hill is a problem.

Fortunately, yard grading exists, and allows for that hill to be eliminated. By removing soil from the hill and placing it in a different area of your yard, you can reduce the amount of water that’s allowed to accumulate by your home’s foundation.

Not all homes in Aurora require yard grading. In fact, if your home was placed strategically, yard grading won’t even need to be considered. However, for those homes that are prone to foundation-adjacent water pooling, yard grading can be a necessity.

The Benefits of Yard Grading

There are many benefits that come with grading a yard. We’re going to discuss the most prominent benefits below.

Less Foundational Cracking

As many homeowners know, foundations sometimes develop cracks. Regardless of what you do to protect them, they will incur cracks over the years. However, there are things you can do to reduce the number of cracks in your foundation. One such thing is to grade your yard.

By having your yard graded by an Aurora, Illinois basement waterproofing company, you’ll reduce the amount of groundwater that your foundation is exposed to. This will result in less foundational cracking over time, and a stronger foundation overall.

A Dry Basement

Once foundation cracks form, groundwater has plenty of avenues through which to travel into the adjacent basement. Once there, it can result in several problems — from flooding to mold growth to musty smells and more.

This is where yard grading comes in handy. Grading your yard reduces foundational cracks, thus reducing the amount of water that’s able to travel into your basement. If you want your basement to remain dry, you’ll want to make sure your yard is graded properly by a reputable basement waterproofing company in Aurora, Illinois.

A More Functional Lawn

A hilly lawn isn’t always the best lawn for activities. After all, it’s not easy to play whiffle ball when you’re running up a large hill just to get to first base.

By grading your yard, you can create a much flatter and much more functional lawn. This enables a variety of new activities, from whiffle ball to football and much, much more.

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