Yard grading at a house in Elmhurst, Illinois

When a house is built at the bottom of a slope, it becomes vulnerable to substantial amounts of groundwater. This is because slopes allow water to slide down them, causing all that water to build up in the same area.

What’s the solution to this problem? Yard grading! Interested in learning about the specifics of yard grading? This Elmhurst basement waterproofing company is going to explain you everything you’ll need to know.

What Is Yard Grading?

Yard grading is the process of redistributing soil so that hills and slopes are kept to a minimum. It’s generally done as a basement waterproofing measure, though it also helps to prevent flooding in the yard itself.

Yard grading in Elmhurst, Illinois is an intensive process that should be carried out with heavy machinery. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, and it’s often carried out by experienced professionals.

Signs That You Need Yard Grading

There are several different signs that indicate the need for yard grading. They include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

There’s Water Pooling in Your Yard

One of the most obvious signs that you need yard grading is that there’s water pooling in your yard. This is especially true if the water is pooling next to your foundation. Water typically won’t pool in this way unless there is a great deal of it in a particular area. As such, if you can see it pooling, it’s because there is a tremendous amount of it.

Note, though, that this isn’t always a cause for concern. If your yard only pools after severe thunderstorms, there’s likely nothing to worry about. However, if it always pools after just a light rainfall, this is most likely due to the way in which your yard is contoured.

By grading your yard, you can alter its contours, thus keeping pooling to a minimum.

Your Bottom Siding Panels Are Rotting or Warped

Another sign that your yard needs grading in Elmhurst is that your bottom siding panels are rotting or warped. Note, though, that this is only a sign if the upper panels are still in good shape.

Why is this? Because if only the bottom panels are rotting, it’s likely due to pooling water. The water collects by the bottom panels on a regular basis, which causes damage over time.

If you were dealing with standard wear and tear, all the siding would be affected equally. If it’s only the bottom panels that are damaged, then pooling water is probably to blame, and your yard will most likely need to be graded.

Your Home Is at the Bottom of a Hill

Another sign that you may need yard grading is that your home is built at the bottom of a hill. If this is the case, there’s no doubt about it: your foundation is being exposed to a great deal of groundwater.

When building a home, it’s ideal to build it at the top of a hill. This way, water will flow away from its foundation rather than toward it.

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