Cracked foundation of a house in Chicago, Illinois

Though the foundation of your house is meant to hold up over decades and decades of use, it will still take on some deterioration over time. Eventually, this deterioration can grow to the point that it needs to be repaired.

If you fail to make the necessary repairs, you could end up dealing with substantial problems. Not only could your basement begin to flood, but your home’s structural integrity could become compromised as well. As such, it’s extremely important for homeowners to keep an eye out for foundation cracks and repair them in a timely manner.

Are you curious as to the specific signs that indicate you need foundation crack repair services? If so, then this article is for you. We’re going to cover four of them below.

1. Your Windows and Doors are Hard to Close

One sign that you might require foundation crack repair is that your windows and doors are hard to close. Windows and doors can take on this problem for a number of reasons, but, in many cases, it comes about due to shifting floors and walls.

What causes floors and walls to shift? A deteriorating foundation. The worse this deterioration gets, the more difficult closing your doors and windows will be.

As such, it’s important to have any existing foundation cracks repaired sooner rather than later. Waiting for an extended period of time could result in serious home structural issues — not to mention more expensive repairs.

2. You Have Large Cracks in Your Walls

One of the most obvious signs that you need foundation crack repair is that you have large cracks either in the exterior of your foundation or in your basement walls.

Note, though, that not all cracks are a cause for major concern. The key is to look for cracks that are over four inches in length, and that have widths of more than a quarter inch. Also, keep an eye out for cracks that are above doors and windows, as well as near the edges of the ceiling.

If you’re curious about the severity of a crack, then it’s recommended that you utilize the services of a basement waterproofing company. They will be able to assess your foundation cracks and determine the best course of action.

3. Your Floors are Sloped

As we mentioned previously, as a foundation deteriorates, the home itself begins to shift. For this reason, if you notice that your floors are sloped, there’s a good chance that your foundation has formed some serious foundation cracks.

In most cases, sloped floors indicate severe foundational damage. If you don’t act fast, your basement could end up collapsing in on itself. If you notice this with your floors, it’s strongly recommended that you call your local basement waterproofing company as soon as possible.

4. The Caulk in Your House is Cracking

Have you noticed gaps near the caulking in your home? If so, this is a very common sign of foundational deterioration.

Again, this is indicative of the shifting and sloping that foundational deterioration causes. It’s not necessarily a sign of serious damage, but it is a sign, nonetheless. If you notice this, you should check for cracks in your basement walls. If you see any serious cracks, it’s best that you call a basement waterproofing company. They can help you make the necessary repairs.

Need Foundation Crack Repair in Chicago?

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