Over time, as a home’s foundation suffers wear and tear, it incurs cracks. Eventually, these cracks can start to let water through, reducing the strength of the home’s foundation. As such, when foundation cracks form, it’s strongly recommended that you have them repaired.

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What Causes Foundation Cracking?

Foundation cracking can be caused by a variety of factors. The most common of these factors include the following.

Hydrostatic Pressure

The most common cause of foundation cracking is hydrostatic pressure. This is the scientific term used to refer to the pressure that groundwater applies against basement foundations due to the influence of gravity.

The more water that collects around the exterior of a foundation, the more pressure that foundation experiences, and the more prone it becomes to cracking. As such, when it comes to preemptive measures, limiting hydrostatic pressure is extremely important.

Shifting Soil

Another common cause of foundation cracking is shifting soil. This is a natural phenomenon that can’t be prevented. However, through proper soil packing techniques, it can be combated.

If a house is set on unpacked and uneven soil, it becomes highly vulnerable to the effects of shifting soil. On the other hand, if its soil is packed before it is set, it stands much less of a chance of incurring damage.

Frequent Temperature Changes

The climate can also have an impact on a foundation, particularly if temperatures are cycling between hot and cold in rapid succession. This has to do with the quick expansion and contraction of foundation materials. The more expansion and contraction a foundation experiences, the quicker it deteriorates and cracks. 

Improper Construction

One last reason for foundation cracking is improper construction. If the foundation was laid by an inexperienced construction crew, it could contain inconsistencies that compromise its structural integrity. These inconsistencies typically won’t show up immediately, but they will inevitably creep up over time.

Benefits of Foundation Crack Repair

Now that you know the causes of foundation cracking, you might be wondering: is it necessary to have these cracks fixed? In most cases, the answer is a bold and resounding “YES”. This is true for the following reasons.

Foundation Crack Repair Prevents the Inward Flow of Water

When groundwater flows down toward a foundation, it’s looking for any cracks to seep through. As such, if your foundation has cracks in it, it’s going to let water into your basement. In mild cases, this can lead to musty smells and mold growth; in extreme cases, it can lead to full-on flooding.

Therefore, by repairing foundation cracks, you are effectively stopping water from entering your basement.

Foundation Crack Repair Improves Structural Integrity

Not only do foundation cracks turn your basement into a water-vulnerable area, but they also signal the deterioration of your home as a whole. Though foundation cracks won’t cause a home to collapse immediately, they will cause it to break down over time.

Slowly, this type of break-down can turn to serious structural damage. In severe cases, it can even lead to the basement walls caving in on themselves.

As such, it’s wise to repair foundation cracks early in their existence. Doing so will sure up the structural integrity of your home, thus preventing long-term damage and costly repair bills.

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