No one wants to think about foundation problems and basement wall crack repair Oak Brook home repairs, but they are a reality for many homeowners in the area. Unfortunately, a basement leak begins to immediately devalue your home and can contribute to a search in home ownership and maintenance expenses. Thus, homeowners need to understand how this occurs.

Homes without Basement Waterproofing Lombard Prevention Attention Increased Risk to Homeowners.

Not having adequate basement waterproofing and basement wall quiet crack repairs completed may result in a dramatic increase in the risks associated with home ownership. This includes health, financial, injury, and damage risks, not to mention the additional burgeon of stress caused by a leaking basement. However, basement waterproofing Chicago experts can mitigate these risks through the use of a basement waterproofing membrane, basement wall crack repairs and attention to an area of the home often forgotten, the foundation.

Basement Leaks Immediately Incur Costs.

The most obvious costs associated with basement leaks involve repair costs. According to Home Advisor, homeowners spend between $1040 and $3854 on repairs resulting from water leaks. This does not include costs incurred relating to the replacement of personal belongings, and the additional costs may increase as the leak goes undetected or unaddressed.

For example, a basement leak may result in the filing of an insurance claim, if your policy covers basement leaks, which results in an increase in home owner insurance premiums.

Selling a Home with a Basement Leak Is Almost Impossible.

 While debate continues to exist over the success or pitfalls of the current housing market, selling a home with a known basement waterproofing failure or to leak can be challenging at best. Potential buyers will look at leaks as an added expense, and basement leaks may have an impact on curb appeal. Moreover, homeowners cannot successfully pass the costs and burden of addressing basement leaks to new homeowners as potential buyers will easily look to another home instead of having to address the problem with a leaking basement.

Insurance Companies May Refuse to Cover the Home.

Some homeowners’ insurance policies may cover basement wall crack repair and the application of basement waterproofing membranes. However, these policies typically require preventative maintenance, such as the installation of and basement waterproofing membrane prior to the policy taking effect. In addition, cracks from settling of the home are often excluded in homeowners’ insurance policies. As a result, homeowners need to carefully review their insurance policies for what is and is not covered relating to a basement leak. This also applies to the filing of a claim following damage or costs incurred resulting from a basement leak that surfaces after purchasing a policy.

Devaluation Is Immediate, so a ULB-Dry Response Must Be Immediate Too.

Basement wall crack repair Chicago residents can rely on is critical to maintaining a home’s value. Citizens in need of basement wall crack repair in Park Ridge or the surrounding areas can contact ULB-Dry online or by calling 1 (708) 978-7558.