The basement is one area of the home that is often neglected although you would love to put it to good use. It could make the ultimate storage space or become another living space that your family can enjoy. Unfortunately, water seepage from the foundation and window wells can cause the space to flood whenever a rainstorm or sudden snow melt hits the area. This water penetration can ruin storage items, your homes mechanical systems, cause structural damage and can create mold which can be a threat to your family.

So what can a Chicago resident do to have a dry basement area? Some people seek out ways of basement waterproofing Lombard homes. Basement waterproofing techniques are numerous, as deciding on the right option will be based on where the water seepage is occurring.

A Range of Waterproofing Methods

The best way to determine the leakage is to call a professional waterproofing company. We can perform an inspection and consultation to discover the underlying issues that is allowing water to enter the basement. Then we can discuss the best basement waterproofing for Lombard residents based on the underlying issues as well as their budgets. Some methods we may suggest can include:

Downspout extensions: Downspouts can inadvertently push water right up against the foundation, as the moisture can begin to seep inside. These extensions can be placed on your downspouts to move the rain water further away from your home.

Foundation crack repair: Homes can experience cracks along the walls or floor caused by the house settling and by soil pushing up against the foundation walls. Interior and exterior crack repair are proven methods for basement waterproofing Lombard homes to not only prevent moisture from entering but to also stop further damage to the foundation.

Sump pumps: Constant water rising into the basement after major rainstorms may be the result of water tables around your home that are higher than your foundation. Since there is no way to lower the water table around the home, you can prevent it from entering and direct it away by installing a sump pump.

In addition to the above methods for basement waterproofing Lombard homes, an experienced waterproofing company may also suggest exterior grading of the soil near the foundation to redirect rainwater away from the home, exterior waterproofing membrane applied to the foundation walls, and interior/exterior bentonite grout injection.

Enjoy Using Your Basement Again

Obtain a dry basement and put it to full use by seeking out the appropriate waterproofing methods to banish water away. Find out how a basement waterproofing consultation can help you locate and eliminate the problems that are allowing the water to enter through your foundation and window wells. Contact ULB-Dry Waterproofing today for more information. We would love to help you with your water woes and provide the dry basement that you have always desired. Then you will never have to worry about your basement when wet weather hits the Chicago area.