Foundation crack repair company in Schaumburg Illinois

Foundations are made from concrete. When subject to enough wear and tear, concrete eventually cracks. With that said, foundation cracks are something most homeowners will encounter at some point in time.

Fortunately, these cracks can be quickly repaired by the professionals. Are you wondering how to tell when it’s time to contact a professional foundation crack repair company in Schaumburg, Illinois? We are going to review the signs below.

Signs That It’s Time for a Foundation Crack Repair

There are a number of signs to look out for to determine whether foundation crack repair is needed. These include the following:

Cracks Over Three Inches in Length

If the crack exceeds three inches in length, it should be repaired sooner rather than later. If it exceeds six inches, it should be repaired as soon as possible. The longer the crack, the sooner it will spread, and the more water it will allow in. In these situations, you shouldn’t hesitate.

Cracks Over a Quarter Inch in Width

Does the crack’s width exceed a quarter of an inch in width? If so, it needs to be repaired immediately. The length is irrelevant in this case.

Cracks Around the Corners of the Room

You should also keep an eye on cracks that are located in the corners of the room. Oftentimes, these will span two different walls. When cracks form here, it’s often indicative of structural damage within the foundation. If you notice them, it’s best to contact a professional foundation crack repair company in Schaumburg, Illinois as soon as possible.

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors are another sign that foundation repair is needed. If a floor is uneven, it’s probably because the foundation is starting to buckle in one area or another. If the problem isn’t fixed promptly, further problems can arise.

Bowing Walls

The last sign to look out for includes bowing walls. If the walls in your basement are starting to sag in, it’s indicative of extreme structural issues with your foundation. Failure to fix this problem promptly could result in your basement caving in on itself.

The Benefits of Foundation Crack Repair

There are many benefits that come with repairing a foundation. Some of the main benefits include the following:

A Stronger Foundation

If you don’t repair the cracks in your foundation, it could eventually break apart and crumble. At some point, it will even cave in on itself. To repair this level of damage, you would have to pay substantial amounts of money.

This is why foundation crack repair is imperative: it strengthens and maintains the foundation. If you don’t repair your foundation cracks, it could end up costing you more in the long run.

Reduced Water Seepage

Another benefit of foundation crack repair is that it reduces water seepage in your basement. The fewer cracks that exist, the fewer avenues there are for groundwater to flow through. If you want to reduce water seepage, it’s important to contact a foundation crack repair company in Schaumburg, Illinois as soon as you notice any cracks.

Less Mold Growth

Mold grows where water goes. If there’s water in your basement, mold will soon follow. This is why foundation crack repair is important — it seals off groundwater avenues and reduces the amount of water that comes into the basement. This ultimately results in less mold growth.

Looking for a Foundation Crack Repair Company in Schaumburg, Illinois?

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