Basement waterproofing contractor in Chicago Illinois

Most Chicago homeowners are at least vaguely familiar with the concept of basement waterproofing. However, most do not fully understand their options when it comes to waterproofing their home.

Today, there are several different options out there for waterproofing a basement. Need help deciding which option is right for your home? This basement waterproofing contractor in Chicago, Illinois is going to review some of the most popular options below.

Sump Pump Installation

The beating heart of every basement waterproofing system is the sump pump. This is a pump that sits within a sump pit as a means of pumping out groundwater. In doing so, it reduces hydrostatic pressure on the home’s foundation, and therefore, it reduces the risk of water making its way into the basement.

This is the only active-operating basement waterproofing entity in existence. It gauges water levels within its sump pit and kicks into action once those levels have grown too high.

Where does it send the water that it pumps? Far out into the yard, away from the home’s foundation. By doing this, the sump pump drastically reduces the risk of basement flooding.

If there’s any basement waterproofing entity you’re going to install, the sump pump should be it. It alone can do a decent job of keeping your basement dry.

Drain Tile Installation

Up next is drain tile installation. Drain tiles are pipes that exist underground. They’re positioned around the foundations of basements, and they’re capable of catching the water that flows near them. Once they’ve caught this water, they send it far away from the foundation.

This not only prevents water from making its way into the basement, but it also prevents further foundational cracking from occurring. This is good for both present and future basement waterproofing efforts.

Drain tiles are a great supplement to sump pumps and help to take some stress off sump pumps as well. If you’re looking for a truly substantial basement waterproofing system, your basement waterproofing contractor in Chicago, Illinois may recommend installing drain tiles.

Foundation Crack Repair

Your home’s foundation will form cracks over time. This is just the way it works. You can’t just allow those cracks to persist. You’ll eventually need to have them repaired.

What happens if you don’t repair foundation cracks? First and foremost, water can start to seep into your basement. Secondly, your foundation can become progressively weaker until, eventually, it caves in on itself.

You don’t necessarily need to repair these cracks the second they form. However, if they grow larger than three inches in length and wider than ¼ inch in width, you should probably have them repaired sooner rather than later by your basement waterproofing contractor in Chicago, Illinois.

Downspout Extension Installation

The last waterproofing service we’ll discuss is downspout extension installation. This is as simple as placing an insert on the end of a traditional downspout. It adds length to the downspout, ensuring that its contents empty further away from the house than they would otherwise.

By facilitating this, the downspout extension reduces the amount of groundwater that’s allowed to accumulate around the home’s foundation. This reduces hydrostatic pressure against the foundation, thereby reducing foundational cracking. As any basement waterproofing contractor in Chicago, Illinois will tell you, the fewer cracks your foundation has, the less risk there is of water seepage.

This isn’t necessarily required. However, it can make a world of difference for many homeowners.

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