Basement waterproofing contractor in Glen Ellyn Illinois

If you own a home with a basement, it’s important to do everything you can to keep it dry. Are you wondering what exactly this entails? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

To help give you a better understanding of the types of services that are available, this basement waterproofing contractor in Glen Ellyn, Illinois is going to review some of the most common options below.

Sump Pump Installation

The sump pump is essentially the beating heart of the basement waterproofing system. It actively pumps water away from the basement, thereby keeping it dry in the event of heavy rain and rapidly melting snow.

Typically, the sump pump sits within a hole in the ground. This hole is known as a sump pit, and it serves as an access point for groundwater around the house. Any time the water in this hole rises to an inappropriate level, the sump pump starts to work, removing water from around the home’s foundation.

Not only does the sump pump prevent basement flooding, but it also reduces the risk of foundational cracking. This is because it removes hydrostatic pressure on the outside of the foundation.

If there’s one type of system that your basement waterproofing contractor in Glen Ellyn, Illinois will recommend installing, it will be the sump pump. It is the only waterproofing entity that actively works against groundwater, and therefore, it’s the most effective option there is.

Drain Tile Installation

Another waterproofing service to consider is the installation of drain tiles. Drain tiles are pipes that get buried underground. Their purpose is to catch groundwater and redirect it to a different part of the yard, thereby taking some strain off the home’s foundation.

Your basement waterproofing contractor in Glen Ellyn, Illinois can install drain tiles both under your basement and directly outside of it. If need be, they can install them in other portions of your yard as well.

Drain tiles are often used in tandem with sump pumps. The pump directs water to the drain tiles which then bring that water far out into the yard and away from the base of the house.

This is the second most important component in a basement waterproofing system. It’s highly recommended for most basements.

Downspout Extension Installation

Downspout extensions are enclosed plastic entities that connect to the ends of downspouts. Their purpose is to ensure that roof water flows further away from the base of the house. These can reduce the risk of water pooling and can also keep foundation cracks to a minimum. Though they’re not vital, they are highly beneficial for many houses, particularly those that experience excess water pooling.

Foundation Crack Repair

The last service we’ll discuss is foundation crack repair. This is the simple process of repairing already-existent cracks within a foundation.

As any reputable basement waterproofing contractor in Glen Ellyn, Illinois will tell you, foundations take on cracks over time. While you can take measures to reduce the instances of foundational cracking, you can’t prevent it entirely. Therefore, repair becomes necessary.

The benefits of repair include reduced basement water, reduced basement mold growth, reduced basement musty smells, and a stronger foundation in general. In short, if you don’t repair the cracks in your foundation, eventually the foundation will cave in on itself.

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