Sump pump installer in Long Grove Illinois

There are several different basement waterproofing entities available to homeowners in the Long Grove area. However, out of all the various options out there, the sump pump is arguably the most important.

You might be asking: what makes sump pumps so important, and what benefits do they offer? This sump pump installer in Long Grove, Illinois is going to answer those questions below.

Understanding Hydrostatic Pressure

To fully understand the importance of a sump pump, you must first understand the concept of hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure refers to pressure that water applies to a surface due to gravity.

Hydrostatic pressure is the entire reason that basement waterproofing is required in the first place. When water flows down into the ground, it comes to rest against solid surfaces. In your case, it’s your home’s foundation.

Once there, it applies pressure against the foundation. Then, as more water accumulates, it applies even more pressure. This eventually results in cracking. As soon as cracks form, groundwater starts to seep into the basement on the other side.

As any knowledgeable sump pump installer in Long Grove, Illinois will tell you, the key to basement waterproofing is to keep hydrostatic pressure to a minimum. This is where the sump pump comes in. We’ll discuss its role in more detail below.

How the Sump Pump Reduces Hydrostatic Pressure

We’ve discussed the way in which hydrostatic pressure affects a home’s foundation. Now, let’s discuss the way in which a sump pump combats this effect.

Sump pumps sit inside of holes called sump pits. These are typically in the corners of basements and are used as collection areas for groundwater. In essence, they provide access to the groundwater.

The sump pumps sit within these sump pits. Whenever water levels grow too high in the pits, the sump pumps kick into action, pumping water far away from the home and the basement.

In essence, the sump pump serves two responsibilities. One is to keep the basement from flooding, and the other is to reduce hydrostatic pressure against the home’s foundation.

This makes the sump pump the most important component of any basement waterproofing system. It’s the only entity that actively forces water away from the home. Because of this, if you want to waterproof your basement, it’s best to get in touch with your local sump pump installer in Long Grove, Illinois.

The Benefits of a Sump Pump

You might be wondering: what are the specific benefits of a sump pump? The biggest benefit is protection against flooding. Assuming your sump pump is powered on, it will work to prevent your basement from flooding.

In addition to this, it reduces foundation cracks. This is due to its ability to push groundwater away from the home’s foundation.

Because it reduces the amount of water coming into the basement, it also reduces the risk of musty smells and mold growth. These are common problems in basements, as basements are particularly prone to taking on water.

In truth, it’s the sump pump that makes your basement a habitable place. It enables you to put down flooring, store expensive possessions, and treat your basement like you would any other room in your house. If you want to make full use out of your basement, you should partner with a reputable sump pump installer in Long Grove, Illinois.

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