Basement waterproofing contractor in Downers Grove Illinois

If you live in the Downers Grove area, you might be somewhat familiar with the concept of basement waterproofing. But what you might be wondering is: what’s the purpose of basement waterproofing? In other words, what happens if you do not waterproof your basement?

There are several consequences that can result if you do not properly waterproof your home. To help give you an idea as to why it’s so important, this basement waterproofing contractor in Downers Grove, Illinois is going to discuss some of the key things you should know below.

Understanding the Impact of Groundwater on Basements

As you know, basements exist under the ground. Also under the ground is groundwater, an accumulation of precipitation that builds up over time. This groundwater is always present to an extent. However, when its accumulation becomes too extreme, it can place substantial amounts of pressure against the outside of a home’s foundation.

Over time, this pressure can result in the foundation cracking. Once cracks form, groundwater will start to seep through them, ending up in the basement on the opposite side. If these cracks aren’t fixed, the basement will take on more and more water.

This can result in a variety of problems, including the following:


Flooding is a major problem associated with basements. As foundation cracks grow and become more prevalent, they will allow more and more groundwater to come through during storms. In the most severe storms, this can result in full-scale flooding, the likes of which destroy the possessions in your basement and your basement itself.

If you notice any foundation cracks, it’s important to have them patched as soon as possible by your basement waterproofing contractor in Downers Grove, Illinois to prevent serious flooding issues in the future.

Mold Growth

It’s not just flooding that you should look out for. Mold growth is a serious problem in basements as well. Mold grows where water exists. Therefore, if there’s groundwater consistently seeping into your basement, there’s a good chance that mold will start growing there as well.

Mold is not just bad to look at but it’s also an allergen. If you’re allergic to it, it can result in sneezing, itchy eyes, a sore throat, and more.

Musty Smells

As any basement waterproofing contractor in Downers Grove, Illinois knows, musty smells are also common in basements. Again, these have to do with the presence of groundwater. Groundwater attracts mold spores, dust mites, and other such residue. Over time, these collective residues can emit a stuffy and unpleasant odor.

The Goal of Basement Waterproofing

The goal of basement waterproofing is to minimize hydrostatic pressure against the home’s foundation. The less hydrostatic pressure there is, the less cracking the foundation will incur, and the less risk there is of water entering into the basement on the other side of the foundation.

You can reduce hydrostatic pressure around a foundation in several ways. One of the most popular and effective options is to install a sump pump. A sump pump will reduce groundwater levels around the foundation every time they grow too high, and then redistribute the groundwater to other parts of the home’s yard.

Other options for reducing hydrostatic pressure include installing drain tiles, grading the yard, and implementing downspout extensions. If you’re interested in any of these basement waterproofing methods, do not hesitate to get in touch with a basement waterproofing contractor in Downers Grove, Illinois. They’ll walk you through all your options and help you pick the best ones for you.

Looking for the Best Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Downers Grove, Illinois?

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