Basement waterproofing company in Oak Brook, Illinois

If you own a home in the Oak Brook area, you’re likely aware that basements are prone to water. However, do you know how water gets into a basement? In truth, there are a variety of avenues for water to flow through as it makes its way into a basement.

We’re going to discuss all these avenues below, and we’ll also discuss some of the ways you can prevent water from entering your home in the future. Without further ado, this Oak Brook basement waterproofing company is going to explain how water gets into a basement.

Avenues for Water to Flow Through

There are several different ways that water can make its way into a basement. Some of the most common ways include the following:

Foundation Cracks

Perhaps the most common way that water makes its way into basements is through foundation cracks. These are cracks that form in a home’s foundation over time. They’re often caused by water pressure, as well as shifting soil, tree roots, and several other factors.

A single foundation crack isn’t necessarily a major cause for concern, especially if it’s on the small side. However, as larger foundation cracks show up, more and more water will start to make its way into your basement.

As such, it’s recommended that you hire a foundation crack repair company in Oak Brook, Illinois every few years. Fortunately, these repairs are relatively easy to carry out, and they can be done by your local basement waterproofing company.

Floor Joints

Another area where water can flow through is the floor joints. These are the areas where the basement wall meets the basement floor.

If installed properly, these areas should be airtight. However, there are many instances where that is not the case.

There are things you can do to waterproof your floor joints. Namely, you can install a basement waterproofing membrane. If you have any interest in doing this, you can contact your local Oak Brook basement waterproofing company.

Sump Pit

If you have a sump pump installed in your basement, you also have a sump pit as well. This is essentially just a hole that gets filled up with water. It allows the sump pump to access the water and pump it out as needed.

Unfortunately, there are instances where the sump pump fails. Either it loses electricity, or it becomes overrun with water. When this occurs, there’s a risk of water flooding out of the sump pit.

To prevent this, you can hire a professional waterproofing company in Oak Brook to inspect your sump pump setup. They may recommend installing a more effective sump pump, or even a backup sump pump, which will continue to function in the event of a power outage.


One last spot where water can flow through is your basement windows. More specifically, it can flow through the seals on windows.

As such, if you have window wells at the top of your basement, there could be water seeping through them. Odds are, it’s only going to be a small amount of water. However, this can still lead to mold growth and musty smells.

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