Flooding property in Chicago, Illinois

Because they exist under the ground, and because the ground is filled with water, basements are vulnerable to taking on moisture. This is the main reason why basement waterproofing services exist in the first place.

The question you might have now is: which basement waterproofing service should you utilize? Great question, and it’s one that this Chicago basement waterproofing company can answer. We’re going to discuss the various options below, helping you decide which is best for your situation.

Are You Looking to Prevent Flooding?

Is your goal to prevent flooding? If so, there are a few different waterproofing services to consider.

The most important option to consider is a sump pump installation. A sump pump will actively pump out water as levels reach a certain point, preventing that water from making its way into your basement.

You can also help to prevent flooding in your basement by fixing any foundation cracks. This should be carried out as soon as the cracks start to form.

Other waterproofing methods that can reduce flooding include yard grading (moving portions of soil so that your house isn’t at the bottom of a slope) and downspout extension installation (applying greater length to your downspouts so that water doesn’t empty next to your home).

Are You Looking to Avoid Mold?

Mold grows where water is present. As such, if water flows into your basement, mold can eventually grow there. Fortunately, there are waterproofing solutions available that will help you avoid mold.

Foundation crack repair is extremely important in preventing mold growth. If you don’t fix your foundation cracks, water will be able to flow through them on a regular basis. You might not even notice it coming through, but it will be attracting mold spores as it enters your basement.

Applying a basement waterproofing membrane can help to supplement foundation crack repair, as it will delay the need for foundation cracks to be fixed. These membranes are applied directly to basement walls, and they typically last for around ten years.

All other waterproofing solutions can help you preventing mold growth, but the above-reviewed methods are the most effective solutions.

Are You Trying to Keep Water Away from Your Foundation?

One of the keys to basement waterproofing is to keep water away from your foundation in the first place. The less water there is around your foundation, the better.

Fortunately, the vast majority of basement waterproofing services help to accomplish this. Not only do sump pumps keep water away from the foundation, but drain tiles, yard grading, and even downspout extensions help as well.

We recommend a combination of all three of these methods as a means of keeping your home dry and your foundation strong.

Are You Looking to Improve the Structural Integrity of Your Foundation?

The structural integrity of your foundation directly correlates with the amount of water that can make its way into your basement. The more structural integrity your foundation has, the fewer cracks it will have, and the less water it will take on. As such, if you want to effectively waterproof your basement, it’s important that you keep an eye on your home’s foundation.

As soon as you notice any cracks, you’ll want to repair your foundation. As long as you repair these cracks as they present themselves, your foundation should remain strong and sturdy.

Utilize the Services of a Chicago Basement Waterproofing Company

Are you interested in utilizing basement waterproofing services? Need the help of a Chicago basement waterproofing company? If so, ULB-DRY Waterproofing has you covered.

We provide all of the services reviewed above, having helped countless homes and businesses throughout the Chicago area. Regardless of your waterproofing needs, our team can accommodate you. Contact us today to get started!