Moisture in the basement of a house in Niles, Illinois

Rainwater seeps down into the soil, and basements exist underground. As a result, basements are almost perpetually subject to moisture. Unfortunately, over time, this moisture can start to leak into a basement, causing a number of problems.

Are you curious as to what these problems are? This Nilesbasement waterproofing company has you covered. Here are some of the main reasons why basement moisture is an issue for homeowners:

1. It Creates Dust

Regardless of what you do to stop it, dust will eventually make its way into your basement. That said, there is something you can do to keep your dust levels to a minimum: you can keep your home dry.

Dust mites are highly attracted to moisture. They will cling to water particles, and they won’t move from it until they’ve been wiped away. Over time, moisture can cause dust to build up substantially, drastically reducing a basement’s air quality.

For this reason, it’s important to waterproof your basement. The less water your basement takes on, the less dust it will attract, and the cleaner it will be. Give our team a call for more information on how to properly waterproof your basement!

2. It Creates a Welcoming Environment for Mold

It’s not just dust mites that moisture attracts. Mold spores are attracted to moisture as well, using it as a breeding ground to spread and accumulate. This is why mold is so commonly found in basements. Unwaterproofed basements take on moisture on a regular basis, and mold spores take advantage.

The problem, of course, is that mold is unsightly — not to mention, it can lead to all sorts of allergy symptoms. As such, it’s vital that you keep your basement as dry as possible at all times.

You can do this by taking advantage of several basement waterproofing services. These include sump pump installation, drain tile installation, foundation crack repair, and more. Your local basement waterproofing company can provide you with more information on any of these services.

3. It Promotes Foul Odors

When moisture particles mix with dust and mold in a basement, it can produce a truly foul-smelling aroma. Generally speaking, this presents itself as a musty smell. Note, though, that other unpleasant smells can present themselves as well.

Want to get rid of them? You should start by keeping moisture out of your basement. Your local basement waterproofing company can help with this.

4. It Causes Your Possessions to Deteriorate

Maybe you have old electronics stored in your basement? Perhaps your basement is filled with wooden furniture? In any case, if you have possessions in your basement, and if your basement isn’t totally waterproofed, those possessions are in danger.

It doesn’t take a full-blown flood to destroy possessions. Even a small amount of moisture can lead to ill effects, causing your possessions to deteriorate over time. Wood items can warp, electronic items can burn out, and other items can lose their shine.

You don’t want this to happen to your belongings. It’s recommended that you waterproof your basement so that everything stays safe and dry.

Need a Niles Basement Waterproofing Company?

Now that you see why basement moisture is a problem, you might be interested in waterproofing your basement. If so, and if you’re looking for a Niles basement waterproofing company, ULB-Dry Waterproofing is the company to call.

We provide a range of Niles waterproofing services, including sump pump installations, foundation crack repairs, and much more. Regardless of your needs, our team can accommodate you.

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