Mold behind the wall in a basement in Des Plaines, Illinois

You’ve probably heard of basement waterproofing, and you might have even seen some examples of it. However, you might be wondering: why is basement waterproofing so important?

If so, and if you’re interested in learning, then you’re in the right place. Take it from a Des Plaines basement waterproofing company. Here is the importance of basement waterproofing.

The Consequences of Not Waterproofing Your Basement

In order to understand the importance of basement waterproofing, it’s important to fully understand the consequences of not waterproofing. They include the following.

Potential Flooding

The most obvious consequence of not waterproofing your basement is that it will be left vulnerable to flooding. Water can seep through cracks in your foundation, eventually making its way to your basement floor.

Then, if you do not have a sump pump available, the water will remain in the basement as opposed to being drained out. This will lead to a range of other problems, all of which will be reviewed below.

Potential Mold Growth

Where water remains, mold grows. As such, a non-waterproofed basement can very quickly become a mold-laden one.

There are a number of waterproofing entities that will prevent the growth of mold. By repairing foundation cracks and by properly grading your yard, you’ll keep water from entering your basement in the first place, greatly reducing the risk of mold growth.

Then, by installing a sump pump and a drain tile system, you’ll be able to flush out any water that does make its way into your basement, preventing mold spores from forming.

Potential Musty Odors

In addition to attracting mold, wet areas also tend to produce musty smells. Therefore, if you want to keep your basement smelling nice, you’ll want to keep out the water. This can be done with a collection of entities, including but not limited to a sump pump, a drain tile system, a waterproofing membrane, foundation crack repair, and downspout extensions.

Potential Dust Accumulation

Dust mites are attracted to a variety of different entities. However, of all these entities, the one they’re most attracted to is water. As such, if you want to prevent dust from accumulating in your home, it’s important that you keep your basement waterproofed.

A dehumidifier can be helpful in eliminating both groundwater and airborne moisture. However, you should also consider implementing some of the waterproofing entities we reviewed above.

Potential Possession Destruction

This is a fairly simple one. If water floods into your basement, it could very well destroy the possessions that are stored in the basement. This includes everything from electronics, to furniture, to boxes, and more. If you don’t want these expensive or sentimental possessions to be ruined, you should think about waterproofing your basement.

Foundational Deterioration

Foundation crack repair is a major part of basement waterproofing. Why? Because it prevents water from seeping through cracks in a basement wall. However, that’s not all it does. It also strengthens the basement wall, allowing it to last for much longer than it would otherwise.

In short, if you want to deter foundational deterioration, you should make use of basement waterproofing, and more specifically, foundation crack repair.

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