Flooded basement of a house in Oak Park, Illinois

There are a number of reasons to waterproof a basement. While the primary reason is to keep the basement dry, a secondary reason has more to do with finances. Simply put, basement waterproofing saves money in the long run.

The question you might have is: how can it save money? Take it from a Oak Park basement waterproofing company: these are the cost-saving capabilities of waterproofing your basement.

Reduces the Risk of Flooding

One of the major ways in which basement waterproofing saves you money is by reducing the risk of flooding. By installing a sump pump and drain tiles, and by repairing foundation cracks in a timely manner, you can effectively prevent the inward flow of water. As a result, you prevent water from destroying your possessions as well as the interior of your basement.

Depending on the number of possessions you have in your basement, basement waterproofing could save you thousands of dollars’ worth of damages.

Yes, you will have to front some money in order to establish the waterproofing system. Note however, that the amount of money you’ll have to pay is nowhere near the potential repair costs associated with significant water damage. As a result, basement waterproofing is typically a sound investment.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Basement waterproofing not only stops the inward flow of groundwater, but it prevents the inward flow of hot and cold air as well. In other words, it improves the overall energy efficiency of your home.

As a result, your home heating and cooling systems won’t need to work anywhere near as hard as they typically would. Because heating and cooling systems utilize substantial amounts of energy, this reduction in workload can yield substantial savings.

If you truly want to optimize energy efficiency in your basement, you should install a waterproofing membrane. This is a rubber-like material that is applied to the basement walls, providing it with waterproofing capabilities and ensuring that it remains supportive throughout the seasons.

Interested in installing a waterproofing membrane? Your local Oak Park basement waterproofing company can get the job done for you.

Prevents Mold Growth

Groundwater not only results in basement flooding, but it also results in basement mold growth. After all, mold thrives in damp areas. As such, even trace amounts of water can create a welcome home for mold spores.

This is a serious hazard, because mold is far more than just an aesthetic detriment. In fact, mold can produce a variety of negative health effects, including but not limited to throat soreness, congestion, itchy eyes, and rash. For this reason, it’s strongly recommended that you eradicate all mold entirely.

One option is to call a mold remediation company every few months. However, you’ll be spending substantial amounts of money that could be better spent elsewhere. Instead, it’s recommended that you either install a basement waterproofing membrane, or regularly repair any cracks in your foundation.

Doing this will help prevent mold spores from forming, thereby wiping them out of your basement for the foreseeable future. Do you need some help getting everything in place? A basement waterproofing company can help.

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