If you want to fully protect your basement from water, there are a number of different basement waterproofing components that you’ll need to install. The most important of these components include sump pumps and drain tiles.

However, if you really want to go to the next level with Wheaton basement waterproofing protection, you’ll need to install a number of other components. One of these components is downspout extensions.

Wondering if you can benefit from downspout extensions in Wheaton, Illinois?Read on to find out!

What are Downspout Extensions?


One of the primary ways to funnel rainwater away from a home is with the use of gutters and downspouts. Water that hits the roof of the home will slide down into the gutters, and then down into the downspouts. After it has traveled through the downspouts, it usually pools about a foot away from the base of the home. This is standard, baseline roof drainage.

Unfortunately, for many homeowners, this can pose a problem. That’s where downspout extensions come in. These extensions are installed on the ends of downspouts, extending several feet away from the bases of their respective homes.

Because they end several feet away from the home, as opposed to one foot away from the home, they ensure that water is much less likely to seep down into the home’s foundation. In essence, they prevent foundation water damage by moving roof water away from the foundation entirely.

Above-Ground Downspout Extensions

There are two different ways that you can install downspout extensions. You can either install them above ground, or underground. Both installation styles are effective, generally only differing in the aesthetic that they offer.

First, we’ll describe the above-ground installation process. Between the two methods, this one is much easier to accomplish.

The process starts with a slight trimming of your existing downspouts. This is done so that the water that enters them can exit at a decreasing angle. In most cases, it requires your downspouts to be trimmed by about a foot.

After a downspout has been trimmed, the extension will be attached and secured snugly to it. That’s it. It’s a very simple and inexpensive process.

Underground Downspout Extensions

When it comes to the installation of underground downspout extensions, things get a little more complicated. However, overall, the process is still fairly simple.

First, the installers will cut out an area of grass in the location where the extension is to be installed. They will handle this grass cut-out carefully, making sure not to ruin the aesthetic around the area. This is because it’s going to be re-planted at the end of the installation process in order to cover up the extension.

Next, they will dig a hole or trench in the location where the extension is to be placed. This trench will be, at the very least, 6 inches deep. However, it will slope down at around ⅛ inches to ensure a downward drainage direction.

If the yard allows for it, the downward-sloping trench will eventually end several feet away from the house. However, if the yard doesn’t allow for a continuously downward-sloping trench, a water collection pot might need to be installed. This will affect both the depth and the shape of the trench.

Next, gravel will be laid in parts of the trench, providing the end of the extension with a solid resting place. After that, the extension will be connected to the downspout and placed within the trench.

Finally, the area will be covered with dirt, re-sodded, and prepared for use. While this installation method is a little more expensive than the other, it does provide a more pleasing aesthetic overall.

Utilize a Basement Waterproofing Company in Wheaton, Illinois

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