These days, basements are fairly common for new homes. However, when compared to other rooms in your home, basements require a great deal of protection. The reason for this? Water! If you don’t waterproof your basement, it can encounter a number of challenging problems.

Wondering what these problems are? Need to be convinced that waterproofing your basement is the right move? Very well. Here are 5 reasons for basement waterproofing in Hinsdale, Illinois.

1. Prevent Mold

basement-waterproofing-floodGenerally, where you find moisture, you’ll also find mold. When water leaks into your home, it can very easily result in the growth of mold. This is one of the reasons that you should keep water out of your home at all costs.

A waterproofing company will not only prevent water from flowing into your home in the first place, it will also ensure that water which does get in is drained out quickly.

2. Avoid Musty Odors

Do you want your basement to smell musty and dank? If not, it’s wise to have it waterproofed. If water is able to drain down through your basement walls, your basement will inevitably take on a strong and musty odor.

While air fresheners can help to neutralize musty odors, they can never do away with them entirely. The only way to do away with musty odors for good is to do away with what causes these odors: moisture.

3. Reduce Dust

Water not only allows mold to thrive, it also creates a breeding ground for dust. The more water that makes its way into your basement, the dustier your basement is going to be.

Want to cut down on dust as much as possible? You can start by having your foundation cracks fixed, then installing sump pumps and drain tiles as well.

The initial goal is to prevent water from getting into your basement in the first place. However, if water does manage to get inside your basement, it’s wise to get it out as quickly as possible.

4. Preserve Doors and Doorways

As you might know, moisture wreaks havoc on the structural integrity of everything with which it comes into contact; the more water that comes into contact with something, the more it will misshape and warp. This is particularly true if that “something” is made out of wood.

What’s often made out of wood? Your basement doors and doorways.

In essence, if you want your basement doors and doorways to maintain their shape, preventing the inward flow of moisture is a great place to start. Carrying out basement waterproofing measures will ensure that this happens.

5. Maintain the Structure of Your Home

The simple fact of the matter is that standing water can have a seriously negative affect on your home’s foundation. As cracks naturally form in your basement walls, standing water will likely seep into them, slowly deteriorating them until they are hollowed out and weak. The longer that you allow standing water to sit, the more damage it will do.

How do you prevent standing water from getting into your basement in the first place? Foundation crack repair. How do you get water out of your basement as quickly as possible? By installing a sump pump and drain tiles.

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