Glass block windows are a form of windows which are often used in basements because of their airtight construction quality. glass pane windowThese unique windows offer a number of benefits that you can’t get with other windows.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of them and are wondering what exactly you can get out of them? Maybe you’re considering buying them and are wondering if you’re making the right decision? If so, you’re in the right place.

Here are the benefits of glass block windows.

Lower Energy Bills

When it comes to energy efficiency, no type of window performs quite as well as the glass block window. This has a lot to do with its construction quality.

Glass block windows are constructed so that they have two separate panes located 3 to 4 inches apart from each other. This makes them much thicker than typical glass pane windows. In addition to being thicker than glass pane windows, they are also thoroughly sealed with a thick mortar which essentially ceases the movement of any heat or cold.

Because they do such a great job of stifling heat and cold, glass block windows give your furnace and air conditioner a huge break. When your furnace and air conditioner work less, you save more money.

Reduced Leaking

Because your basement windows sit so close to the ground, they have a much greater chance of coming into contact with standing water than your other windows. For this reason, they need to be as airtight as possible. The last thing you want is moisture making its way into your basement. As a waterproofing company, we deal with glass block windows on a regular basis. For many of our clients, they are a fundamental building block in creating a safe and dry basement.

This is why glass block windows are a terrific choice for basements. Because they’re so thick and sealed so tightly, they’re almost impenetrable.

Water stands no chance against glass block windows. They don’t even allow for condensation to occur.

More Privacy

One of the nicest things about glass block windows is that they provide tons of privacy. When outsiders look through them, they will only be able to see blurs. Nothing can be seen clearly through a glass block window.

Of course, you won’t be able to see anything out of them either. But if they’re installed in your basement, you probably won’t care to look out of them anyway.

And it should be noted that, despite the fact they’re impossible to see through clearly, they still allow in plenty of sunlight.

Improved Security

Standard windows are easy to break. In fact, kids routinely break them with baseballs on accident.

Glass block windows, on the other hand, are almost impossible to break through. This makes them especially useful for security purposes. You won’t have any thieves busting through your glass block windows at night.

You can rest easy knowing that, if your doors are locked, no one is going to be breaking into your home anytime soon.

Attractive Appearance

While it may not be the primary reason to purchase them, the appearance of glass block windows is another of their many benefits.

Though they might not be for everyone, these windows have a unique and sophisticated look that is far from boring. They will almost undoubtedly catch some eyes, even if they’re buried down in your basement.

If you want to give your home an exciting new look, glass block windows would be a great option.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Glass Block Windows

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