It’s that time of year again – time to prepare your basement for winter. Though the weather in Chicagoland has become slightly less predictable over the last few years, you can still count on a healthy dose of snow and freezing temperatures. So don’t wait until the last minute – call ULB-Dry serving Arlington Heights, IL and ask our experts to make your basement cozy and problem-free from now until spring.

What does preparing your basement for winter entail? Here’s a partial list:

Addressing Your Pipes and Ducts

Freezing pipes, potential leaks, chilling drafts – these are threats we must negate. Keep these potential calamities at bay by insulating all exposed pipes in your basement. Also, confirm that your home’s duct work is connected and insulated. This is a relatively simple procedure that can prevent hot air losses upwards of 60 percent – losses which occur due to poorly connected/insulated ducts.

Humidity-level Analysis

Of all the rooms in your home, the basement is the most vulnerable to mold growth at all times of year, even winter. Moisture caused by basement humidity and leaks both indoor and outdoor can turn a basement into a veritable petri dish of unwanted mold and mildew. To counteract these possible issues, we recommend using a space heater and/or a dehumidifier to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity. This is something you can do yourself, or our experts can make a home visit and help you with setup.

Waterproofing is Essential

The best way to deal with any disaster is to be prepared. In the case of a potential busted pipe caused by extreme cold, or leakage brought on by melting snow that finds its way through various cracks and crannies, you’ll be thrilled that you contracted ULB-Dry to waterproof your entire basement before winter sets in.

Inspect All Doors and Windows

If your basement has windows or doors (i.e. an English basement), ULB-Dry Waterproofing will inspect the caulking around these furnishings for cracks. Water, whether brought on by winter rain or snow, has a way of finding its way through incomplete caulking, but our team will reinforce any weak spots and make sure this doesn’t happen.

Clean Those Gutters

Clean gutters ensure that snow and rain-related water flows freely away from your house and its foundation. Clogged gutters not only put undue stress on the gutters themselves, but could result in water being deposited over your home’s foundation, which could become a problem if left untreated.

Shovel Smart

When you’re shoveling your driveway, back patio, and walkways, throw the snow away from your home’s foundation. Also, if snow has accumulated at the base of your house, shovel it away. If you leave this snow to linger, your basement is the first place it will head when a thaw arrives.

For basement waterproofing near Lombard, IL, trust the friendly, knowledgeable team at ULB-Dry Waterproofing. We’re always looking out for your best interests, no matter the time of year. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to furnish a competitive quote that covers all of your basement winter-preparation needs.