Basement waterproofing might seem like an afterthought or luxury. However, keeping moisture out of your basement or crawlspace is a critical step in preventing pest problems in your home. If you have avoided the topic, you need to know a few things about how a permeable basement or crawlspace can attract unwanted guests.

1. Moisture Provides Both a Water and Food Source for Bugs.

Everyone understands the role moisture plays in the growth of mold, and moisture acts as a source of water for insects and other critters trying to get in your home. But, mold and mildew are food sources too. Cockroaches and other insects may feed on mold and mildew when food is unavailable, drawing in an infestation.

2. Standing Moisture Deteriorates the Integrity of the Home.

Home integrity and durability are directly linked to your home’s value, but poor structural integrity may also invite pests as well. As moisture collects, it will cause the structure to erode, resulting in additional opening for other insects, rodents and creatures to become a nuisance. Fortunately, basement proofing Naperville can mitigate this problem.

3. Moisture and Other Signs of a Possible Infestation.

The signs of insects and critters entering your home through the basement or crawlspace may be subtle. You may notice a slight, foul odor in the air, or you may see dead insects. But, even homes lacking these signs may be on the verge of a severe infestation if moisture is seeping into the basement or crawlspace. Rather than looking for the signs exclusively, homeowners should view any indication of moisture or water as an indicator of a possible infestation. But, basement waterproofing can find and close these entry points with the right types of sealants and waterproofing membranes to stop the infestation in its tracks.

ULB-Dry Basement Waterproofing in Lombard Can Help.

Insects, bugs, rodents and other creatures are not welcome in your home, and you should not be forced to live with the health risks associated with an infestation. Contact ULB-Dry Waterproofing online, and find out what type of basement waterproofing solution is right for you. Or, feel free to contact the office at 1 (708) 978-7558 today, and an expert will walk you through the entire process.