It pays to have your property water-proofed. For starters, basement waterproofing gives homeowners the peace of mind that the threat of water intrusion and water damage from outside weather is eliminated, thereby permitting them to finish the basement as they see fit without any sort of hesitation. Secondly, basement waterproofing can also help increase the resale value of your home, as any potential buyers will be more likely to purchase your home knowing that proper precautions are put in place to safeguard it. But perhaps the most important reason to have your property professionally waterproofed is to eliminate any harmful health effects from contaminated water and subsequent mold growth from taking their toll on occupants.

Here’s a closer look at two real dangers of water intrusion beyond just property damage:

The Real Dangers of Water Intrusion

As we noted in the opening, the real danger of water intrusion doesn’t have as much to do with property damage, but the effects it can have on occupant health. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) classifies flood water into three categories. Category 1 water is clean water, similar to that what would come straight out of the kitchen faucet. Category 2 water is water that appears clean, but may be harboring some bacteria and contaminants that could cause illness. And Category 3 water is the most significant type of flood water, characterized as heavily contaminated water. If a homeowner were to enter Category 2 or Category 3 water without the proper protective equipment to safeguard them from contaminants, they could end up becoming very, very sick.

The other main threat from water intrusion is what could happen after the water has been extracted, that being mold growth. Mold growth has been linked to a myriad of health issues, from the triggering of allergies to watering eyes to respiratory issues. In addition to the health issues mold can lead to in occupants, it can also impact the structural integrity of a home. Aside from these detrimental effects, mold remediation and removal is also very expensive. What’s more is that it can begin to grow very quickly, as fast as 24 to 48 hours in the right conditions.

The above are examples of why homeowners should always contact a professional restoration contractor to restore their property to pre-loss condition following a home flood. It’s these professionals that have the know-how and equipment to properly extract water, decontaminate the scene and prevent mold from growing following the incident. But why not just be proactive and eliminate the threat of a flood altogether? That’s where our basement waterproofing Oak Brook, Naperville and Park Ridge services come in. We offer a variety of different waterproofing services and techniques to keep your property dry and to keep your family’s health in good order. Our services include the likes of sump pump installation, drain tile installation, crack repair, exterior grading and spill over, tie rod and pipe repair and window well sealing and waterproofing. Contact us today for more information on our basement waterproofing services.