basement waterproof

There are many steps you can take to keep your home in great condition, but waterproofing your basement is one of the most powerful. We recommend that all homes with basements in the Chicagoland area have the process done. Why?

  • Because your basement probably was not waterproofed when your house was built. Builders typically do not include waterproofing in their process. And, even when they do, they probably do not use the high quality products that dedicated professional waterproofers do.
  • Because, when it comes to your basement flooding, it’s more a question of “when” than “if.” Sixty percent of homes with basements eventually have some event that leaves water behind. This flooding can cause a big mess, smelly mildew infestations and even structural damage to your home.
  • Because homes shift and settle over time. Your home’s foundation will shift over time due to changing moisture levels in the soil around it. However, if there were quality issues when the home was built, this can happen even more quickly. When your house shifts, it can lead to cracks and weaknesses that can let water in. Waterproofing keeps your basement dry even if your house settles and shifts.
  • Because mold and mildew can be dangerous. A wet environment practically guarantees that there will be mold. The spores are everywhere around us, just waiting for a chance to grow. Sensitive individuals, such as those with mold allergies or respiratory issues such as asthma, will have breathing troubles when mold and mildew appear. If you wind up with black mold, even people who are not mold-sensitive can get sick. Living in a home with toxic black mold can lead to headaches, itching or burning eyes, sleep problems and more.
  • Because you want your house to last. When moisture gets into the basement, it can lead to serious damage. Water can ruin carpets and flooring in finished basements. It can soak into foundation walls, leading to cracks and warping in the walls. Over time, it can weaken the foundation of your home, which can result in costly repairs. And, when the foundation is compromised, it becomes more likely that pests like termites can invade.

For over 35 years, we have been dedicated to keeping homes in Lombard and the greater Chicago area safe from basement flooding. Our trained and dedicated techs do the job quickly and efficiently and they do it right. Do you have an unsealed basement? The sooner you have it taken care of, the less chance that water will seep in through the foundation to damage your home. We offer free assessments and estimates. Call today to learn more about how basement waterproofing can improve and protect your home.