If your yard drainage is faulty, you probably suspect there’s a problem without anyone having to tell you. Standing water in your backyard is unsightly, but it’s also a hazard. It can attract mosquitos and other pests, and water encroaching on your foundation can threaten your home’s structural integrity. What can you do? We have yard drainage solutions.

  • The first step in fixing your yard drainage is identifying the cause of the problem. Maybe your downspouts are too short to carry water away from the foundation, or your gutters are misdirected and dumping water in one spot. Your soil may be eroded, or it may not be able to absorb the water. Your lawn grading may be done incorrectly. causing water to pool or run toward your house instead of draining away from it.
  • There are some drainage solutions that homeowners can handle on their own.

First, make sure dirt and gravel slope away from your house, not towards it. Measure your land grade, gradually lowering the level of the soil by one inch per foot as you move away from the house.

A rain garden can help with a wet spot in your yard. If you just have one problematic area, plant a group of moisture-loving plants that will absorb moisture and prevent standing water.

Extending your downspouts can divert water to a better area. Using downspout extenders, you can carry water to a place with better drainage, away from the house.

  • Some yard drainage solutions are better left to the experts

Even if you know how to install a French drain, you might prefer professional installation. A trench with a perforated pipe and gravel that helps your yard to drain naturally, it’s a big job even if the homeowner knows how to build a French drain.

Patios, walkways, and driveways may need to be removed and reinstalled. Changing the structure of hardscaping so that it slopes away from the house is a job for professionals. Similarly, if the yard needs to be graded, it’s wise to call for help.

A dry well may be the solution for you. A dry well is a buried tank used to hold stormwater. It’s perforated and surrounded by gravel so that the water can gradually seep back into the ground. Once it’s installed, it’s a low-maintenance solution.

Your drainage system may need an update. If your house is older, the drainage material may be damaged, and if you have remodeled, your old drainage system may be insufficient.

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