When you think about spring home maintenance, do you consider your foundation? You should. In fact, much of the spring maintenance you do should be with the direct purpose of keeping your foundation in good shape. With the right maintenance, you can keep foundation repair to a minimum.

  • First, it’s important to keep a close eye out for foundation issues. If you notice cracks where your walls and ceilings meet, in the corner of your rooms, or diagonally in interior walls, this indicates a foundation problem. Cracks below the siding or brick outside, separation of wood trim on the exterior corners, or foundation floors that rise or sink are also signs of trouble, as are doors and windows that don’t close properly.
  • Fix cracks in your foundation as soon as possible. Consider this: crack repair cost is always going to be less expensive for a small foundation crack than if you let the problem escalate. Calling in a foundation repair company the moment you notice your house settling will save you money in the long run.
  • Make it a point to inspect your house weekly. Walk around the outside of your house, making note of any cracks or other problems, checking it out from the roof to the foundation. Make sure that you don’t have damaged shingles or siding, nothing needs to be repainted, and that the ground is sloping away from your foundation rather than towards it. If the slope is wrong, it can direct water toward your house and compromise the house’s foundation.
  • Be aware that your yard plays a major role in maintaining your foundation’s integrity. Aside from the slope, the moisture level in your soil can have an impact on your foundation. Using soaker hoses and sprinklers to maintain a constant level of moisture in your yard can minimize the movement of your foundation. Installing root barriers can keep tree roots from growing into your foundation or leaching moisture from around your home.
  • Spring is a great time to inspect your gutters. Gutters and downspouts can become clogged or damaged over the course of the winter months, and this can lead to problems with your foundation. Make sure your gutter system is in good repair and direct the water away from your house so that it doesn’t pool around the foundation. Install extenders on the ends of your downspouts if necessary, to carry the water a sufficient distance from the house.

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