1: Check Your Gutters

A common cause of water seepage in basements is gutters and downspouts that are clogged. Broken downspouts or clogged gutters can cause water to fall over the sides and create pools of standing water near the foundation of your home. If your foundation is compromised in any way, the water will eventually make its way through the path of least resistance. Inspect your gutters to ensure they are in the best working condition possible and repair any problems you find.

2: Examine Your Grade

Ideally, the landscaping around your foundation should be graded so that water runs away from your foundation instead of towards it. An improper pitch can cause major water issues as water runs toward your home instead of away from it. If you notice any issue with the grading, channel the water away from your foundation in an effort to protect your basement foundation and keep your basement dry.

3: Look For Leaks

If you have an underground sprinkler system or underground pump for your swimming pool, check them to be sure they are not leaking water. A leak in one of these can totally saturate the soil around your home creating all kinds of problems. Inspect these systems to be sure you don’t have water leaking into your soil and collecting around the foundation of your home.

4: Inspect Window Wells

Cracks, worn caulk, and the normal settling of the home are some of the causes of a leaky basement. If your basement window has a window well, check the well after heavy rain to be sure it is draining properly. If your window well doesn’t have a drainage system in place, consider having one installed so that rainwater is channeled away from your foundation instead of pooling up beside it.

Inspecting these areas should take an hour or less. If you do need to make some minor repairs, you’ll save time and money by taking care of them now rather than waiting for a much larger problem to present itself. In spite of taking these steps, you may still have problems with water in your basement in which case you may have a more serious problem that needs the attention of a basement waterproofer in your area.

If you suspect this is the case call the experts at ULB-DRY Waterproofing (708) 978-7558 to help you conduct a free inspection of the inside and outside of your home and determine if you need their help or can use the free do-it-yourself tips they provide.