Why a window well is an important part of the drainage system. A window well without the drain can essentially allow water to pool up around the window and in the well leading to a whole host of issues including basement flooding, destroyed drywall, and structural damage over time.

Window wells are pits that you find on the outside part of a basement window. The pit is installed for a number of reasons, such as allowing light and fresh air into the dark space. The most important function of a window well is protecting the window and window frame and keeping water, excessive moisture, soil, and more out of the basement. For this reason, the window well must be installed correctly, complete with a window well drain to assist in the process of eliminating excess water in the well.

If your window well does not have a drainage system, it will allow water in your home. Excess water will pool up and put your basement in danger. Even a slight amount of rain can fill the window well and soon find a way into the basement. Leaking water can cause cracks in the window frame or in the foundation wall itself.

Window Well Drains Protect Your Windows

The basement window is very important in not only letting light into the basement but also in allowing fresh air into this space that can otherwise end up very stale. If you don’t protect these windows and their frames from damage, like water damage, there is a good chance the widows and frames will be vulnerable to issues you do not want in your home.

Water in your window wells can be a big cause of damage that can leave your home vulnerable. Many older windows are made with wooden frames which, when exposed to water over a long period of time, will rot and start to give in, letting water into the basement. This will not only cost you time and money in terms of repairing or even replacing the window, but this can also cause other foundation issues and structural damage that can put the stability of your home at risk and will be harder and more costly to repair.

Proper window wells and correctly installed window well drains can do a lot to protect your basement windows and your basement itself. Beyond having a properly connected drain, you should also take some time to be sure that your windows are properly sealed and currently free from cracking around the frame and other signs that indicate that you may already have issues caused by water that may need to be remedied.

Window Well Drains Prevent Foundation Wall Cracking

Water is a major enemy of the structural system of a house, especially in the basement because water puts a lot of pressure on foundation walls. Poorly drained soils become saturated with water pretty quickly, and this can lead to problems that might be difficult and costly to repair. Window wells are points where water can easily collect, and if there is an absence of proper drainage, the water will saturate the foundation walls. As the water wears down these walls, your basement walls can start to crack as water finally begins to infiltrate them.

Cracks will only give way to more water and moisture, particularly with the change of seasons. Water can freeze in these cracks and make them grow. This can lead to serious foundation damage that could cause structural instability over time. Additionally, the growth of mold or mildew, insect problems, wall discoloration, and more can result from just the slightest crack in a foundation wall.