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Drain Tile System

Call about our guaranteed solution to keep you safe and dry.

Bentogrout Solutions

We provide expert evaluation and execution in solving your water seepage problems.

Crack Repairs

We have repaired over 10,000 foundation cracks across Chicago land.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Our solution is energy efficient and reduces mold and humidity in your home.

E-Z Breathe System installation

There are two leading causes of the damp musty smell that permeates your house. First excessive  moisture can lead to the growth of mold and other fungi. Secondly most of today’s homes are built to be as air tight and energy efficient as possible. E-Z Breathe is a complete home ventilation systems designed to help correct this issue.


E-Z Breathe Air replacement systems:


EZ Breathe Air Replacement System

The leading cause of mold growth is moist, humid stagnate air trapped inside the structure. In the older homes this is caused by an influx of moisture and humidity from the exterior while most newer energy efficient homes are so air tight the structure does not breath correctly. While a standard or even large capacity dehumidifier may remove adequate moisture out of the rooms it simply recalculates the same stale air. They also require emptying and  regular maintenance to function properly. The “E-Z Breathe system draws the air from the upper structure down to the basement/crawl and expels it to the exterior replacing it with clean fresh air allowing the house to breathe.